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The best way to improve your brain.


Effective methods to treat dyslexia, attention and hyperactivity disorder





Who is a special learner? Try yourself here.


MAP of INTEREST – test yourself: download here


Dyslexia fast test: open link

This test shows the difference between testing

through style and deficits.


Cognitive Profile Test: Download here





If you failed in learning, it means you had inadequate learning environment.


·       When you learn, follow your interest, and you will be successful.


Know your best way to learn.  Print out the monthly tasks.

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·       Less is more. Learn only a few, but do it regularly and persistently.




   Basic information            Use any topic and grammar

on second language learning    you want to learn in Zigzag

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If you are dyslexic it does not mean you have to give up on learning English.

Again, if you are dyslexic it does not mean you have to give up on learning English.


Sentence building is a game you can use to build your active language.



Other resources


·       About dyslexia. The view of the European Dyslexia Association


·       Dyslexia legislation table in Europe: You can download here



·       Chess as a tool to prevent and cure dyslexia


Chess improves holistic, visual thinking, develops the systematic thinking, decision making, problem solving, creative thinking.


It is the route to the critical thinking that is needed in the digital age.

Chess improves memory and concentration and prevent the specific learning difficulties, like dyslexia, through the neurological harmonization.


Learn more:    Open link by click on the image






Articles on the second language learning, dyslexia and dyslexic students

Jankó - Case study on a Hungarian dyslexic boy

Dyslexia. Specific teaching difficulties

Environment and Dyslexia


Holistic Learners

Gifted Children with specific Learning Difficulties

Research on Dyslexia in Hungary

Hungarian Provision

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The Dragin Who Cade Onle Blow Colorful Fier
by Chris Bonnay

Chris, the creator of the electronic book linked above is a bilingual, gifted, dyslexic boy.

Those who look for the mistakes in the presentation will find them, and those who focus on the content and the hidden message, can learn a lot about the dyslexics' inner world.

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