The most amusing way to the neurological harmony is juggling.

Learn the cascade. It is the best juggling type for your brain and the easiest to learn.

Here you can learn the three ball cascade

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You can make your own balls for juggle

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Juggling for the concentration

Juggling has formed part of human life for ages.

Juggling is neurological harmonization, rather than just a circus act.

And it is fun!

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The goal is not to excel at juggling

Rather to coordinate movement and perception through the balance system, to develop control functions and thereby to lay the foundations for cognitive functioning.

Focussing attention on the ball, controlling movements and the holistic perception of eyes and hands serves as constant training for the brain during juggling. New exercises constantly pose new challenges to the control system. Movements and the inhibition of movements keeps control areas in training.

The effects of juggling

Juggling has been part of human life for thousands of years. It was an important part of everyday life primarily in Eastern cultures, and also in Ancient Egypt. Owing to many beneficial effects thereof, one of the duties of Indian women was to learn and acquire implicit knowledge of the cascade juggling pattern. Why?

For there are many effects of the cascade for the brain training, prevent and abating achievement difficulties:

ˇ        coordinating perception and movement;

ˇ        self-control;

ˇ        harmonizing the two brain hemispheres;

ˇ        improvement of attention;

ˇ        improvement of self-esteem;

ˇ        experiencing the effect of practice on achievement.

Everyone is able to learn the three-ball cascade in half a year. Some people pick up it in some days. Daily ten minutes practice is enough.

It is needless to learn four or five ball cascade. Three ball cascades have sufficient harmonizing effect. You will experience that after three ball cascades have been learnt, the temptation would be too strong to find to stop. You will seek new challenges!

Do not resist, learn juggling as much as you want. A number of excellent websites are available to find out how to juggle. Why not to play?